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Need Firecape Done

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6 minutes ago, Hokage said:

Not offering a service, but it would be around 10-15m from decently trusted people :)

good luck sweetie

Ah, that's what I was quoted on my other forum, so was hoping I could get some sweatshop prices from here l0l

Okay maybe I'll wait it out a bit :(

Thanks bb

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3 minutes ago, Hokage said:

sweatshop prices usually come from low feedback people anyways:P

NP bb good luck with it

Gotta risk it for the biscuit ;)

1 minute ago, kazemaru said:

bought mine for 4m from @Soetnows but he seems in twc now so idk


(also i had 91 ranged so....)

Yeah, they get cheaper as your range gets higher, 61 is like bare minimum, unless you have a special account that you plan on spending fuck ton of gp on a firecape lol.

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