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Scammed by Realistgp impostor

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I have been trying to get vouchers from him via skype and here on the forums. Couldnt seem to catch him.

Finally I got a hold of him today for a $5 vouch. He told me to meet in lumby and trade a guy named [hidden]. 

he agreed to a bond for the vouch. Then goes offline as soon as i traded.


I need this taken care of IMMIDIATELY

I added him thru the site to skype.  I contacted his company and they knew him and that character he picked it up on.



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14 minutes ago, Realist said:

Don't know who OP is & haven't sold any vouchers today. @ Staff once it's uncovered that wonkateddy has unfortunately been scammed by an imposter if you could please remove the comment & false feedback on my profile & change the title of this thread it'd be much appreciated!



Alright, but first we need him to confirm the Skype ID of the person he spoke to. 

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