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[OSRS] Botting For Maximum Stats - Journal

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botting for max stats

day 1: 28-5-2017

We are using an account that has been botted a little bit already and has some starter combat stats. ofcourse we are trying to make a moneymaker so thats what we are gonna do. we have 1,5m to start with. and these are the stats https://gyazo.com/4b690afedd3a90f35e09062cd33e87d1. going to cut oaks till i can bot willows. Time right now 16:30 Eu Time.

4:51PM 30 woodcutting achieved going on a 5 min break then going straight to willows. - on willows now. going to do 1h of woodcutting probably.

6:00 PM 40 woodcutting achieved gonna use Stealth quester for some quests.

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