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Chef Sk1llz

Dispute Against Solomedolo

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Disputed member: @Solomedolo

Thread Link: Located Here

Explanation: Continued to explain the minimum order was 20 units which got edited on the thread after the order and after our chat on Skype. Refuses to deliver the 10M or refund will proceed to chargeback on PayPal if no response further is given. I went through with the trade to make other users aware as I had funds of $9.50 to dispose of at the moment.



Went forward with proceeding to order anyway since $9.50 is not much to loose as i'll charge it back if he doesn't pull through. This is what our Skype conversation looks like after he edited the thread since I looked & sent payment. I'm off to work and putting the dispute in through PayPal as I don't have time to deal with him, but I feel this says enough for any other members looking at the thread and debating if he is going to actually deliver for the price he says.



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