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Help with vps botting

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Hi guys I bought a vps yesterday and I started botting on it but I can barely run 3 bots at the same time even if the ram usage is at 60% , I tried to run 4 but one crashed .

Vps that I'm using : 

  • 3 GB RAM
  • 200 GB HDD
  • 500 GB Traffic
  • 2 Cores - 3,9 GHz
  • 1 IPv4 included
  • 1 IPv6 included


Running Os : CentOS 6 x64 - Minimal

Can you help me out ? Should I change os ?

I used this guide to configure the vps : https://Advertising other bots isn't allowed..org/forums/topic/40074-easy-an-all-in-one-guide-to-setup-use-vps-for-botting-centosubuntu/

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Is the CPU fully loaded when running 3-4 bots? Best to find out why is it crashing (should show an error in logs).

In my personal experience CentOS is a lil harder to set up properly (at least for my setup), though it might be less resource heavy (correct me if otherwise). I would recommend to intall Ubuntu, a lil more friendly if you just started using Linux and easier to configure.

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Bandwidth Usage
2.8 GB of 500 GB Used / 497.2 GB Free
Memory Usage
1.77 GB of 3 GB Used / 1.23 GB Free
VSwap Usage
0 KB of 0 KB Used / 0 KB Free
Disk Usage
1.91 GB of 200 GB Used / 198.09 GB Free


running 3 bots rn , I don't know how to check if the cpu is fully loaded . Btw can you suggest me a guide that explains how to configure the vps with ubuntu? , These are the versions that I can Install

ubuntu.jpg Ubuntu 12.04 x64 - Minimal
Ubuntu 12.04 x64 - Minimal
ubuntu.jpg Ubuntu 12.04 x86 - Minimal
Ubuntu 12.04 x86 - Minimal
ubuntu.jpg Ubuntu 14.04 x64 - Minimal
Ubuntu 14.04 x64 - Minimal
ubuntu.jpg Ubuntu 14.04 x86 - Minimal
Ubuntu 14.04 x86 - Minimal
ubuntu.jpg ubuntu-16.04-x86_64.tar.gz
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