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banned without botting ?

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hi guys, i dont know if my topic belongs here but,

i was making 60 air orb accounts for my use only, used socks 5 proxies for every 4 splashers 1 proxy.

i have to tell you my litle brother helped me out with the (night shift) making them.

4 of my accounts got disabled i and was stunned.... why? i did NOT botted them in any way! BUT they where online for over 36 hours....could that be the problem?

that they think or know were sharing them or something?

hope you guys can give me some info.. thanks.

(i used 3 deticated servers btw)

p.s: sorry for the bad english (before someone says RIP english again!)




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thank you for reply´s! no i did not use any kind of autoclick or any script! thats why i was scratching the back of my head and asked myself and you guys why!

the proxies i used come from a trusted guy and has never been an issue, they also come from a country that is close to my home town ( the netherlands ) so it would run nice and smooth!

that is why i thought that it maybe could be accounts sharing as it runs over 36 hours but also.. i never had any problems that way.!

i guess you guys have provided me with the key and that prob.. the proxie was crooked (then again, never had problems with them tho)

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hi guys,

all the accounts where bought from also trusted dude, i know that cause i take bundels of him for a while now.

the proxies where specialy orderd for me and it is true that the 4 got banned on 1 proxy... i still got a lot but thats not the point. (i did not bot)

i will look into that kazamaru as i have been splashing them for 36 hours straight.... however shouldnt all the others been banned to ? 

at the rs site they mention you can have as many multiple accounts as you like! (ofc if they dont bot)

i realy apreciate all the input off you guys! and again srry for the bad english :-)


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hi ybteek,

something comes to my mind because of your post.....

i read somewhere that rs has got list of sites that they check or ban or something! maybe.. maybe you are very right on this one! (doesnt say it happend here on my case) but thats defently a thing 

(i think)

can someone confirm that or has some information about this ?

i will be trying diff methods like: take breaks, dont use proxies and without botting, and dont use proxies and bot the hell out of them :-P (also ondedecated servers) en vew more things!

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yes piamia thats what we all agree too and ignore by just keep botting., however like i already told in the topic i didnt use any kind of macroing device...

just dont let a litle ban get you down as the sky is the limit :-P

i started out with my old laptop that could only run 3 bots.. lol

within 2/3 months i already have been grown to a botfarm that can run over 80 bots (use to bot on other sites and want to make a litle comeback here as the comunity is way better)

so i made some (decent) money with it and bought a big laptop from it and controling some decent dedi servers that also can run 20 - maybe 30 bots. (havent pushed the limit) my own input of money is at a minimum of maybe 50 euro´s... 

now i work 2 days and make some dough on the side (with some of the help of my litle bro who only helps when im asleep!)

i have forbid him to interact on forums and paying him to do so! as he dont even know the pass enz...

please by any means! if im doing something whats not allowed here or even looks like that tell me! i have read the rules and such but my english isnt the best as you guys can see at my typfaults and so on!

im an honost guy and looking foward to buy scripts enz enz to be a good and trusted member!


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