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Quester/Pest Control/Defenders

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So I'm looking to join somebodies service and work for them.

I'm only looking at doing Quests, Pest Control & Defenders.

I'm more than happy to put a deposit down of upto ~30m. But will only do so on the proviso that should I leave your service at any point for a legitimate reason i receive a 100% refund. You're going to be making commission of all my orders, so I think that's a fair statement.

I'm knowledgeable of all quests except for MM2, able to do no pray DT/MM and so on.

I'm GMT+1, and mostly available on mornings.



Thank you for taking the time to read this.

- EQ.


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2 hours ago, ExoticQuester said:


I'm fairly sure Howest doesn't do 100% deposit refund :P

@Howest go for this guy, he's the best one really. I worked for him for like 4 months or so and all of mine fb is from his services pretty much, after i told him that i need to study for my exams more i got a 100% refund. He's just simply the best :) Id trust him with my acc

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