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Lone Collect N Tan


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Hello everyone so I have been working on a lot this week, one of those things is a cowhide collector that also has the ability to tan. The script is not finished yet but runs without flaw from my testing. 

What it does

Loots cow hides in lumby, then banks them. If you start with gold it will tan them before banking.


IF you want the bot to tan start with gold in your inventory.

IF YOU DO NOT want the bot to tan do not start with gold in your inventory.

Since this is really early please do not use it on a main.. create a new account and give it cash then profit.

Download: http://heinous.tv/osrs.html

Things like the paint are still very basic that will be addressed, If you have suggestions, concerns, feature requests let me know!


I will be uploading pictures tomorrow of progress, not much to look at right now since its just a simple paint.

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On 2017-05-20 at 4:59 AM, Ashir said:

not saying your a virus spreader or some shit but can anyone do a virus scan, also gp/hr? or just proggies, might just test this out but too lazy to buy vip to do it myself

You don't need VIP to run scripts? You can easily decompile the script and look through the code yourself.
Also the gp/h is probably around 30-40k/h

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