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Is this allowed

Titan Rs

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Hi Guys

I have had a voider 94 mage etc  however i am not the Original Owner. I bought it off my friend for a very cheap price as he never used it. However i have quite a lot of account's and i haven't even logged into this one.

So the question is if i planned on selling it  - (maybe after a bit more trusted, sponsor badge etc). Could i advertise that i will refund fully for any recoveries if recovered in the next 4 months and strongly advise people only to buy it if planning to bot zulrah on it and not put a lot of progress into it etc.

At the moment i trust this friend - dont know him IRL, not sure he even knows about recovering but i dont want 6-12months   down the line we fall out and he recoveries account and i'm fucked.

Not sure if this is understandable but just checking if this is allowed, thanks :)

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