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False Feedback


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Disputed Member:[member=nurvael]

Why it should be removed: Multiple Reason
1) Didn't know telling someone to "fuck off" was an insult after being told to "shut the fuck up, you know nothing" when conducting the acts as a middleman to resolve an issue,
of which I responded "No, You shut the fuck up before i fuck you like you've never been fucked". He then proceeded to say "Shut up you donkey" which is a clear insult after the initial insult.
Both of which instigated me into "Trolling/Triggering" him by pretending I gave the gold to the other party until the end of the dispute (which I told him to make originally)

2) He claims I "Gave money away without his consent" But even the mods know I didn't and @The Undefeated confirmed that I didn't and was joking and even if I was, The person who was actually
purchasing the script @SuikaBooty Said I can pay the scripter for this script hours before this incident anyway.


The user demanding his 10M even though it was in dispute at the time/been said that its to go to the script (unsure with the latter)

the actual person purchasing the script saying it was okay to pay, but i gave nurvael the courtesy of waiting for him and in that time he then came up with a load of issues / refusing to pay the price.

here you can see that i actually never discussed meeting up with the scripter to pay him nor did he say i paid him when i quoted what i said and just laughed it off


[1:59:49 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Area is made smaller, hope it's fixed now.
[1:59:52 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Can't test it out rn.
[2:16:37 PM] Nurvael: ill test in a sec
[2:22:03 PM] Nurvael: is the paint with profit/hour added btw
[2:22:06 PM] Nurvael: i stated that in features
[2:24:00 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Nope you didn't.
[2:24:08 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I can create it If you want afterwards.
[2:24:18 PM] SnowBunnies: That's hella sweet
[2:24:36 PM] SnowBunnies: Would that involve putting prices for all the items?
[2:24:50 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Hmm, that's true.
[2:25:01 PM] SnowBunnies: I thought there was an API that could fetch prices
[2:25:06 PM] SnowBunnies: automatically for the items
[2:25:09 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I made my own API For that.
[2:25:13 PM] SnowBunnies: ah nice
[2:25:20 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Is shared on snippets sub-forum.
[2:25:42 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: But it's kinda hard because I also should count the losses on death and stuff.
[2:25:53 PM] SnowBunnies: Hell yeah and runes per hour 
[2:26:00 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I can do it, but takes much time.
[2:26:14 PM] Nurvael: Look
[2:26:18 PM] Nurvael: snowbunnies is way too nice to you
[2:26:25 PM] Nurvael: I dont wanna go scroll up and look what i said because i know what i said
[2:26:34 PM] Nurvael: but i also dont like how you let him do stuff you are supposed to do
[2:26:39 PM] Nurvael: add the paint please now
[2:27:30 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Nurvael.
[2:27:39 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Ctrl + F on Paint or profit.
[2:27:41 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: You won't find it.
[2:27:57 PM] Nurvael: are you going to add paint or not
[2:28:00 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I can't take the time to make a list of 50 drops when the script had to be done so quickly.
[2:28:12 PM] Nurvael: Its been 5 days noww
[2:28:13 PM] Nurvael: lmao
[2:28:16 PM | Edited 2:29:29 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I will, but first want to see my payment, the script is pretty much finished.
[2:28:18 PM] Nurvael: or 6
[2:28:28 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I asked him to do that the first day.
[2:28:44 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Only thing I've been doing the last 3+ days are bug fixes.
[2:30:28 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: But fyi, don't claim stuff you didn't said. I checked it and didn't find anything about profit and/or paint.
[2:34:11 PM] Nurvael: Hm i might have said it to the other guy then
[2:34:14 PM] Nurvael: anyways just add that paint
[2:34:21 PM] Nurvael: snowbunnies did something that your supposed to do aswell so yeah
[2:35:44 PM] Nurvael: It literally takes 5 mins not even
[2:35:49 PM] Nurvael: Time ran and money made for now is good.
[2:35:58 PM] Nurvael: maybe total deaths too
[2:36:30 PM] SnowBunnies: Nurv you mean the bug testin?
[2:36:44 PM] Nurvael: Not only that
[2:36:56 PM] SnowBunnies: ah
[2:37:03 PM] Nurvael: [17-4-2017 17:37:51] scripter: Okay, now Every item needs to be inbetween " separated by , xD
[17-4-2017 17:38:02] scripter: So "Dragon bones","Rune longsword",
[17-4-2017 17:43:45] SnowBunnies: "Lava dragon bones","Black dragonhide"," Lava scale","Rune dart","Rune javelin","Fire rune","Lava rune"," Rune knife","Rune knife","Death rune","Blood rune","Law rune","Onyx bolt tips","Dragon javelin heads","Adamant 2h sword","Rune longsword","Lava battlestaff"," Rune axe","Adamant platebody","Rune kiteshield","Rune med helm","Rune full helm","Grimy cadantine","Grimy lantadyme","Grimy kwuarm","Grimy avantoe","Grimy ranarr weed","Grimy irit leaf","Coins","Fire talisman","Fire orb","Adamantite bar","Mysterious emblem"," Draconic visage"
[2:37:08 PM] Nurvael: no offense but this is his job not yours
[2:37:12 PM] Nurvael: so just add the paint
[2:37:12 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Talking about a job been done quickly. Haven't seen you in this chat for 48 hours, no input on what I could improve or anything.
[2:40:07 PM] Nurvael: Because snowbunnies was already talking to you and my internet has been bad the last few days
[2:40:12 PM] Nurvael: plus i have other stuff to do aswell
[2:40:16 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I tested the script for bugs as long as I could. Most of the bugs Snow discovered never appeared why I was testing.
[2:40:25 PM] Nurvael: bro you can talk here
[2:40:28 PM] Nurvael: and waste time
[2:40:32 PM] Nurvael: you literally coulda been done
[2:40:33 PM] Nurvael: already
[2:40:37 PM] Nurvael: a paint doesnt take long with the time ran
[2:40:39 PM] Nurvael: and the money made
[2:40:41 PM] Nurvael: 5mins max
[2:40:41 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: But you could respond on threads on osbot?
[2:40:41 PM] Nurvael: ??
[2:40:49 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Not at my PC rn.
[2:40:56 PM] Nurvael: Im on Phone at osbot
[2:40:59 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: You think so?
[2:41:01 PM] Nurvael: im expecting to have you add a paint tho
[2:41:18 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Or you wany an unrealistic paint without death calculations and stuff?
[2:41:20 PM] Nurvael: literally made a promise on completing it TWICE and both not in time and also lets the user do work
[2:41:27 PM] Nurvael: I just want a paint now
[2:41:29 PM] Nurvael: with the time ran
[2:41:30 PM] Nurvael: money made
[2:41:31 PM] SnowBunnies: Well good news is, its back to killing drags 
[2:41:33 PM] Nurvael: and possibly deaths
[2:41:40 PM] Nurvael: Its not much im asking for
[2:41:46 PM] Nurvael: i can be a dick and tell you were taking it to a dispute
[2:41:56 PM] Nurvael: because you havent been on your word twice and let snowbunnies do stuff too
[2:41:59 PM] Nurvael: but im not like that
[2:42:08 PM] Nurvael: just asking you something simple easy that takes 5 minutes whenever you got time
[2:48:37 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: Taking it to a dispute because you want stuff added to the finished script which weren't in the original request without I even received my payment. Asking him to do that was because I didn't knew which drops should be in there, and he pasted some copied stuff from the wiki. It was in the state I thought I could finish the script the same day where I already told you I couldn't do bug tests. Instead of finishing it the same did without bug testing I did it the day after. And the only thing I've done since that day were bug fixes and optimalisations.
[2:49:24 PM] ιnтoхιcaтιon // тнe υndeғeaтed: I kept my words, I told you I TRIED to finish it the same day, I never guaranteed you anything.[/spoiler]

in the chat logs you can see that nurvael was playing hard, lying and adding extra features they even said in the chat that "okay maybe i didnt say that"

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