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RSJackpot/RS.Gold Looking for Reliable LiveChat [Time Available]

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We are looking for a long-term abd reliable worker to work live chat for RS.Gold and RSJackpot.
fillled. none avilable atm
About the Job
You will be a live chat worker for rsjackpot.org and rs.gold.
RS.Gold pays commission of 5 cent per 07 mill and 1 cent per rs3 mill. This changes depending on price.
For example, if you deliver 100M 07, you make $5.00, and if you sell 500M RS3, you make $5.00.
RSJacpot pays 10% commission based off of every case you deliver.
For example, if you deliver 10x Gold Cases which are $3.99 each, you make $3.99.
Both of these websites are handled within one single Zopim livechat.
What we are looking for
  • We prefer someone who is already on the computer working during this time.
  • Someone who understands some hours may be slow. This is why if you are already on the computer it won't matter because you only work when someone needs a delivery. With that said, our sales continue to increase and our live chat is making more and more as time goes on. Sales chart for this year -> https://i.imgur.com/bM4fQQK.png
  • Someone very trusted or semi-trusted but willing to put a large deposit.


If you can work the hours every day and meet the requirements and want to work, please post your skype below so we can discuss this further.
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