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sezerrr scamming me

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Disputed member: @sezerrr

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Explanation: Applied for a worker, paid 25m deposit, did an order for 40.5m, Never got paid

Evidence: Paid the 25m deposit with CSGO Skins proof 21b4b1fbd68b9231d833358d9b2965c2.png

Him blocking me on steam after i completed the order 9651ceb63745f05c1325f03ccc16d67f.png


We discussing the order 47ea2de0c4ffbf804c27a122ea548d9b.png

Proof of him "on his way" But stops answering and never paying me 4c13e39a9dcafc2c3ccfc58cf47012b8.png

Proof of i would get the "25m deposit" back if i decided to quit 1059d992d5591653fb018828335d42cc.png

Order was from @Dard and he can confirm that he paid sezro the 45m 



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