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you just went full retard. never go full retard.

i never made any ddos threats you dumb cunt, saiyan just dramatized that shit alot. his reason was "safety". bs reason if u ask me, but im okay with it cuz hes saiyan.

fyi, i didnt scam anyone like ur boy @Pogba. ur dumbass decided to remove twc and the second it happened, he scammed a shit ton of people. all that shit is on your hands btw.

if u cant handle a little banter then go back to the cave u crawled out from.

i broke a tiny rule of having multiple accounts. i didnt feedback farm, pc farm, or scam anyone for that matter and ur all burt hurt.

its funny cuz you can remove @Pogba's twc, knowing full well his intentions were to scam quit but u cant let this shit slide. idgaf about marketing so me scamming is a 0.0% chance.

i just wanna bot using czar's master scripts, whats wrong with that? i can change that 'toxic asshole' shit but dont get butthurt over tiny stuff

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