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Scammer, please put the TWC spell on him

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member: https://osbot.org/forum/profile/192619-mansory/

issue: sold him 33m again on wednesday via btransfer, he sent me a screenshot of the transaction like before, money hasnt arrived in 1day like it did before, i was about to ask him regarding the situation on Friday when i realised he blocked/deleted me, i waited until today still no sign of the money

resolution: put him in twc, maybe the money arrives later but i doubt it - last time it arrived within 24 hours -, but this is more than suspicious, if he is unable to respond, BAN him, i have his name and address;)

( or his parents' LOL )

proof: i the feedback i got from him & left for him & i can show skype logs ( id have to import them from my phone )

ps: i hope i am wrong, but all the signs indicate that he is a dishonest scammer - unlike his name states he is not sorry lawl

update: just checked his profile, he has been online in less than an hour, the cheeky bastard - i hope i am framing the innocent man and the money will arrive but that is unlikely

MODS advise me regarding the upload of skype logs/bank transfer pictures as hey contain sensitive info

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