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CLI and getParameters() help please

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I took a break from botting so i have no clue if there are already threads with this info. If there are please link below.

What i want to know is:

How do i grab parameters entered in the CLI with my script? I took a look at the API and it looks rather complicated. I want to store login information in the parameters so that the script can log itself in and out without me having to hardcode the account info into the script (which is what i am currently doing). Is it possible to use parameters this way? Is there another way I can grab account log in information without hardcoding it?

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12 minutes ago, Degrecu said:

Not sure if this will help


nah i already got all that but thanks. this is more advanced than the basic user using CLI to open a client. I'm trying to make my scripts and the CLI work together better.

Just now, Token said:

-script Something:email,password

String email = getParameters().split(",")[0];

String password = getParameters().split(",")[1];

thanks! i didn't think it would work like that. i feel stupid now for not trying that. cheers!

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