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False Feedback Between TheInspiredOne & Juggles

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Disputed Member: Juggles & TheInspiredOne

Why it should be removed: Fake Transaction

Details: TheInspiredOne opened a thread stating that he is making free graphics.


Juggles comments on his thread stating that he wanted a signature

6 hours ago, Juggles said:

Hi i am interested :)

I want a sig with the words Blitz Juggles on the top. 

Then below it have text with GP Made:

Make it look cool, thanks  


TheInspiredOne replies 

6 hours ago, TheInspiredOne said:

What would you like? 


EDIT: I now see what you want, i'll start working :)


Suddenly when you check their feedbacks, they are claiming one bought a signature and one sold a signature??

If this isn't against the rules I don't know what is lol..


Link to topic: 


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