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Hey I'm Suprize

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7 minutes ago, Suprize said:

Hey im suprize, looking to make money on my main account from botting for my pure.

erm i never did an introduction before.. but i've been using osbot since 2014 (bought like 8 scripts/vip once..)


was wondering if anyone could reccomend me a script that they use for money making


Hi Suprize, I would never suggest botting on an account you care about such as your main. Especially if you're botting a moneymaking method you're more likely to receive a perma ban rather than a 2 day (from my experience). I would suggest botting on newer accounts you don't care much about. As far as scripts for moneymaking? Czar and Khaleesi have some pretty damn good scripts available and will allow you to try them before you buy them. Let me know if you have any questions, welcome to the community!

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5 minutes ago, darol said:

welcome buddy,  I don't think anyone is going to share their money making methods but just check the free money making script section !

nah ill buy a script, using free scripts for money making is legit suicide; theres no way that you don't get banned whilst doing that sorry xd

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