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zulrah account PC


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Not looking to sell right now (especially since that 100 rule).., just needed an estimated value on the account.


Total value in items: 30-37m 


Quests completed: Regicide, underground pass, biohazard..., all non-member quests


Serpentine helm fully charged, Toxic blow pipe fully charged with 9k rune darts, Toxic staff fully charged 2500 casts, ahrims top and bottom, karils top and bottom, 10k zulrah scales, 2k sharks..., and more misc items (for zulrahing such as: magic pots, stamina pots, range pots) to total around 37m.



attack - 71

strength - 80

def - 75

prayer - 52

range - 80

magic - 80

hit points - 80


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