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CMD automated farm


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Hey I heard some people talking about automated farms, starting everything from cmd line etc.


I have no clue what exactly they mean with automated farm ( just starting it or ? ) and how the cmd control goes?


May someome link me the tutorial (can't find it) or summerize me what this is about please?



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You basically use parameters in an executable file which starts the clients up with the scripts automatically started.


The CLI usage is as stated on here and it also supplies an example of the contents of the file.


For windows you save it as a .bat file while on linux its a .sh file.

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The idea behind this is that you can configure your farm and start it automatically. If you have good scripts which support CLI and muling you can launch your bots and go on a pub crawl for three days.


For a very very simple example imagine you write a bat file which launches 10 bots. You launch it, it launches 10 bots which cur yew logs and trades them to the mule. At the end of the day you log in to the mule, sell the logs - profit. 

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