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Reporting myself for future ban evasion (details inside)


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I know this sounds completely stupid, but for the sake of transparency, I recently went off on staff over at DB (another botting site.) I am not currently banned, but I said quite a few things about them that will probably get me banned.

No I'm not a scammer, or anything of the like. I had a good reputation there (as well as still have 100% positive feedback) until I went head to head with the staff there.

Past accounts (if you know of any): Chandlerethan on DB

Current account: Chandler

Reasoning: Going off on their staff which will probably get me banned there.

You may be asking yourself why I chose to post this. While it may be unnecessary, I'm sure that some members of that community are also a part of this community as well, and I want it to be clear why I am no longer a part of that community.

I tried being reasonable after the initial disagreement, which I was civil and apologized for, and my appeal was flat out denied with no reasoning behind it as seen here -> *link hidden*

I just want everything out in the open before becoming a contributing scripter. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time.

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