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Basic text gif made with photoshop


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Hello my name is Winnie and today i'm going too show you how to make a simple gif text effect (:

- Open the spoilers for pics -

This is my first tutorial like, ever so feedback is appreciated QwPha8E.png

Lets go boge.png

Step 1:

Open photoshop make sure you have a background layer so we can see the effect better at the end. Now start typing whatever you want to have as a gif.


Step 2:

Get your rectangle tool out


Step 3:

Draw a rectangle like the one i made above. Could be any color of your liking


Step 4:

Now that you've drawn the rectangle of your liking.

Make sure the rectangle layer is selected then pull out the gaussian blur. You do this by going to the toolbar above then Filter>Blur>Gaussian blur


Step 5:

Press Yes.


Step 6:

press oki or add more blur if u want more blur or less w/e suits your taste


Step 7:

In the top menu go to window>timeline


Step 8:

Create a timeline


Step 9:

click on the boxy thingies 2 get the multiple frames menu boge.png


Step 10:

Now duplicate the frame by pressing the paper thingy.


Step 11:

Now make sure you've selected the 2nd frame you just made and move the rectangle from left of the text to right of the text


Step 12:

now select both frames and the rectangle (click on them while holding CTRL or CMD) and right-click the rectangle layer and create a clipping mask. Make sure the rectangle layer is above the text-layer.


Step 13:

Select both frames by holding CTRL or CMD and set them to no delay by pressing the little triangle at the bottom.


Step 14:

Now select the frames button thingy to add frames.


Step 15:

Determine how many frames you want to have. I went with 20 frames but i am bad at photoshop so idk what the hell i'm doing. Look at it as a pizza you can chop it up in more slices if u want but its still the same pizza.


Step 16:

now after you've added the frames u can press the play button to see the gif-glance-effect w/e you want to call it(again i'm bad at photoshop)


Step 17:

Now save your gif by going to file>save for web


Step 18:

u can play around with some of the settings anyway when you're finished press save




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