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Story time Part 2


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So in my younger years i used to be a coca cola freak as in i would chug 1.5 litres of coke back in one sip. Anyhow there was this one time i was at my grannys house and it was like 5 pm in the afternoon it was very warm outside so i was feeling thirsty, so i thought it would be a good idea to drink something so i went into my grannys kitchen didnt bother looking for a glass cause i was still a kid savage back then feels.png anyhow i spotted a bottle of coke in my grannys cabinet and so i instantly grabbed the 1.5 litres bottle. Have you seen those coca cola commercials now a days where you see like the cold dripping coke which makes your mouth water.. well i was having that same exact feel at that moment so i opened the bottle and just instantly started chugging it down then.. about a couple seconds in i was like WTF IS THIS TASTE EWWW and i spit it out, started puking and feeling really bad... well what happend was my granny always gets this certain oil for certain recipes... and she filled the coke bottle with that oil.. Bye.


TL;DR: I drank oil once mistaking it for Coca Cola.

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