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how can I process mA


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Does anyone have any kind of experience working with mA I/O?

Im facing this problem at work.


The system (a liquid surface level indicator) sends a signal ranging from 1 - 20 mA's to a cabinet which somehow processes that output to computer input. The company who manifactured this back in the late 90's is no longer available, so there is no support / service for these devices.


The problem is once a signal is received it only keeps counting up, not decreasing at all until reset of the whole system. This is kinda major problem since liquid is consumed constantly. 


I am the one of us who has most experience with computers so I have to deal with this frequently. Where should I start looking for the problem?

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It might actually help if you posted some code. We have no way of telling what's wrong with it without any code to go off, we can only make assumptions.


If there is no problem with the code (Which we have no idea if there is or isn't) then it would obviously be a problem with the indicator or whatever is processing your data into computer input.

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