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Perfect Zerker - 174/176 QPs - All Defence Quested


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Hello, I am selling this perfect Zerker, it basically has Barrows Gloves although it only needs to finish Desert Treasure and do some of the RFD Subquests, I could always get the Bgloves and finish up the account with 75 Attack.

55 Prayer is for Spirit Shield + The account has Barrelchest Anchor

61 Attack was a mistake on my end but can be turned into an AGS Zerker.

This account is only 42 Defence Quested at the moment - can still get Barrows Gloves at 42 Defence, 45 can be gotten along with 75 Attack to be classed as a perfect 75 Attack Zerker. I did not do Holy Grail unlike some people who think it's a good idea to do it on a Zerker.


Account Stats




Login Details




Wealth / Bank




Nothing too special in the bank other than the Anchor and Graceful










The Price Bids will be started at


100m 07




N/A - Will take a good offer if I see one


Methods of Payment


07 GP or RS3 GP only


Original Owners


I am the Original Owner



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61att 54pray is far from perfect:P especially if no holy grail:(


What do you mean? Anchor requires high Prayer.


Account can be turned into a Perfect 75 Attack Bridding Zerker.


Holy Grail - Defence Experience - which means you can't utilize the Zerkers max potential of higher Qps and more Defence Quests.

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holy grail is also pray xp, personally i dont really see the point in more than 44pray unless you go for a main

and you probably trained 60att before questing, oldschool mistake


The account was already a pure at one point upon questing it further it got 61 Attack.


If you think doing Holy Grail is the right way for a Zerker then you obviously are clueless.


Please stop posting on my topic as well because I find it pointless arguing with you.

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