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Selling the best pure at combat 71 on runescape + FCAPE - 31 prayer + BEST pure on OSBOT EVER ?

rapid kayow

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This account is an absolute beast. - the stats speak for themselves, it can hit 38 with a granite maul, and 44 with the Heavy ballista - 100% RNG of 44,38,38,38 maxing a 158 damage. 


Barrelling for strength EXP and Cannoning the ranged exp gives no HP exp which makes this account one of the best rushing builds where the HP isn't TOO low. fully combat efficient, yet still capable of smashing risk fights.


Account comes with FIRE CAPE at 31 prayer.


As seen below, it has 70 construction - which makes PVP much more fun.


it has around 500 combined kills, with a perfect name for a granite mauler - PM ME and I will send you the name -


I also have a PVP video of this account - PM Me and I will send you the link - I would list it here but for the accounts safety I chose not to.




The quests are pretty much all RFD to mith gloves, and DT requirements - 68 quest points in total.

The bank will have loads of untradables from quests and for fashionscape, around 1m total wealth.

It has around 550k NMZ points from the Berserker (I) that I sold.






OO is dieze from here, it was created without an email and on a VPN.


Payments are preferably Paypal.. I would accept RSGP, but I will just sell this for GBP as I'm quitting runescape. If you live in the UK we could meet in person, I don't mind traveling a few hours and exchanging information to make it a legitimate trade.




Current BID :  $135


​Auto win: £300



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