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dontbuzz Seers Stew Buyer [IRONMAN]


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Made this quickly for my new Hardcore Ironman and thought I may as well release it.


Seers Village Pub sells stew for 20gp each and it heals 11HP.




- Buys Stew at Seers Village Pub (Camelot).

- Banks at Camelot Bank.

- Repeats till out of coins.

- Should walk to Seers Village from anywhere.





Download Link:






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mfw i did this manually when i started playing rs, couldnt bring myself to buy lobsters LAWL it was time for someone to make a script!


I shed a tear


funfact: made my brother to cut magic trees in seers if he wanted to use the PC, siblings are the best bots and they are banproof hehe

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