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Selling 70/70/70, failed ags pure, and 2 day ban starter pure


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    1. Pictures of the account stats



    2. Pictures of the login details

https://gyazo.com/6403465855f8a00ed9d80dfda55f8c5f for the failed ags and 70/70/70

https://gyazo.com/d5ed04916fb43501aec3f6d1d4e291c8 starter pure

    3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any)

all accounts will be clean execpt for quest items. 
    4. Pictures of the quests completed

all accounts have mith gloves, and lost city done, starter pure has mountain daughter completed.

    7. The methods of payment you are accepting

rs07 gold.
    8. Your trading conditions

Using a middleman or IF you are trusted enough I Will go first or you go first. 
    9.  Pictures of the account status

https://gyazo.com/ad4af27d42f1b9b65f7a8938ebede848 bot bursting

other two accounts have 0% ban

   10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address

70/70/70- OO is a Trusted guy on  player auctions i can pm vouches if needed. didnt get original email but the email will be changed to yours. 

failed ags pure- OO is @2pac didnt get much any info, it was a balista gmaul account i turned and failed into a ags pure. email will be changed to yours. 

Starter pure- you will get the original email as i am the OO


no a/w's set yet, just as soon as i see a good offer i will take it.

Post below any questions or pm to get my skype.

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