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Mr def nerd

Def Nerd's SuperMiner poject thread

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I am quite a new member (quite old account, left because it only had groovy support). Now I am back with a project: an AIO miner. It will support hopping worlds, all known locations (including ess & rune ores) and it will be really easy to set up


  • Random events:
    - Smoking rock (Now tested, works)
    - Combat randoms (Escapes to the furthest walkable tile)
    - Pickaxe fixing
    - Pickaxe head looting

  • Walking: 
    - Gets the best / furthest away tile
    - Enables running when the energy is over a certain point (Randomized)
    - 100% flawless walking
  • Banking:
    - Banking
    - Walking to and from bank
    - Obstacle handling

  • Powermining:
    - Ability to set a distance that decides how far away the rock can be 
    - Dropping
    - Smart dropping (Only dropping when there is no rock available)

  • Locations:
    - Heroes guild runite rocks (Banks using duel ring and games neck)
    - Wilderness rune rocks
    - Neitiznot rune rocks

    - Varrock essence mine (No need to select any ores here, it selects rocks by name)
    - Champions guild
    - Varrock east
    - Yanille
    - Ardougne
    - Mining guild
    - TzHaar caves mine
    - Gold mine under Karamja Volcano

    - Lumbridge swamp
  • World hopping:
    - If there are no rocks available it will hop 
    - Stores used world in an ArrayList
    - Three different methods:
         - Lowest to highest world
         - Highest to lowest world
         - Random world

    - Supports all worlds (The OSBot world hopper doesnt support full worlds, therefore this bot doesn't support popular high spawn worlds)
    - Supports hopping when there are a certain amount of players nearby (This can save you from a few reports)
  • GUI:
    - User friendly
    - Allows manually adding IDs (Rocks are the only only entity the bot doesn't load by names, this means that the bot cannot get outdated because of IDs)
    - Location selection
    - Settings tab
    - If you select powermining it will now draw all the tiles you are mining in based on the distance you selected
    - Will paint the ID of all rocks nearby on screen while the GUI is running




This is the main GUI tab, here you can select what location you want to mine in, what ores you want to mine, if you would like to hop etc.. You can also manually add rock IDs if the ones preloaded does not work



This is the second tab with settings, it is not done yet, but so far it allows you to set how far away from the spot you started the bot at you want to mine ores and what hopping method you would like to use


This is a picture of the GUI "In action"


This is a picture that shows the powermining radius:


The bot displays your powermining distance in the form of tiles, to make it easier to decide how big of a distance you want!



A quick proggie (This is not the paint, it is just something I made pretty quick, will get a real paint soon):


If you have any more ideas or locations, please post below!

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Okay, heres a few updates:

 - Smoking rock now works

 - Fixed the time to level

 - Dropping ore is now way more efficient, it will only drop ores if inventory is full or if there are no rocks available (This means that if you have a small mining distance and few rocks it will be able to drop all the ores before the first rock respawns)
 - The Time to level function in the paint is now fully working

 - Checks if it has a pickaxe in the inventory that is possible to wield


Comming soon:
 - Going to look into the wilderness runite rocks
 - Enabling run 

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Another batch of updates:

 - The bot will now draw your powermining tiles to make it easier to decide how big of a powermining distance you want!
 - Smoking rock has been fully fixed
 - Enabling run has been added

 - World hopping when the amount of nearby players exceeds a number



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