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False feedback

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Disputed Member:@Furreal
Why it should be removed: User received what he purchased.


Client details below(Sensative information please hide)


To start off, Furreal purchased a linux virtual private server from me, here are emails in his client profile.

User is talking about charging back as well, which is a $20 paypal fee due to it being a credit card/

The emails highlighted below are his emails, invoices, paypal transaction WITH details of the subscription.



Hidden by @@Saiyan




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He contacted me through another forum roughly 2 months ago, where myself and Maurice Moss(Jaiden) created (site hidden) for him. He has everythings hes paid for, hes even made over $200 off what we've created for him. I don't see the point in him bashing my name.

Well that aside I'm assuming it's for the fact that he didn't cancel his renewal for the vps so it auto renewed this month (September)

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Requested by Saiyain to post this.



Ok so quite simply that's the checkout process and he clicked subscribe which doesn't make you liable in regards to him paying for September when he probably didn't want to.


Just waiting on one final thing. The website deal you made with him. 


Post what was agreed on (what he wanted) 


What you offered him extra as you claim you threw in extra niceties and finally post what that small issue was.


Skype chat log screenshots preferably  

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Chatlogs requested by Saiyan showing the free features that was added to his website he ordered



Deleted the feedback.

Since @Xylate threw in a bonus feature free of charge and the feature wasn't really delayed as he had to create it from scratch as you wanted a clone of a site which he doesn't have access to the ACP in the first place.


If you disagree with my decision PM me and if you provide good enough evidence i'll re-open.

Do not charge back also.

Also as a side note, you only left him the feedback today when you bought the site developing from him in June/July. So I was probably right to assume that you only left him feedback since you were charged a few days ago for the renewal of your vps 

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