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My account is not unrecoverable for some reason. :( PLEASE HELP

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Alright, I've tried recovering my account today several times but it doesn't seem to work! 


Basically, I kept guessing my password but I legitimately couldn't figure it out. Usually most of my passwords are the same/similar so I'm surprised that I couldn't figure it out.


I clicked lost password and received the recovery email. I clicked the link to recover and change my password; however, it said:


Oops! Something went wrong!



The validation key you supplied to reset your password does not appear to be valid.

Need Help?


Then in the email, it said if the link didn't work, click the link below that and manually enter the recovery code and change your password on the same screen. I did that and after I proceeded, I got the same exact error.


My account name is: Jakela

I can't recover it at all. I have purchased script(s) on this account and I'd like to use it. It also said below in the same email that if it isn't recovering at all or working, then your account may have been removed. I really hope it wasn't removed.


Please help me recover my account!!!!! 


~Love <3

*the title is screwed up - sorry :( it should just say recoverable

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