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A lazy Cat

we need few snippets

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Please post your 



  • Anti ban method
  • Chop methods
  • Nest dection / pick nest up ;)

Anti ban

I don't use it. Fuck it, that's my own risk.

Chop method

A simple interact with a tree

Nest dection

Use onMessage, it you get message about nest on floor or what not. Search ground item for nest pick it up. And keep wood cutting

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Why would you even need people to submit code for this, snippets are supposed to be at least something worth spending the time to make/have a solid function and don't take 5 seconds to create.


public void chopTree(String s) {
Entity tree = closestObjectForName(s);
if (tree != null) {
if (tree.isVisible()) {
tree.interact("Chop down");
sleep(random(50000000000, 600000000);


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