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Request PC for an account with 50+ base

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Truth is, building accounts and selling them wont cost as much as you doing services for the exact same thing on someone else's account. Hence why when requesting a custom build from a service it'll cost more than buying that exact same account off of someone who already has it. 


OT: price ~ 25-30m. 

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Theres no way it would be 20m lol


50 rc as a service cost me 14 :/

agility (51 for zulrah quests) cost me 8 and i priced around for a while



these quotes are wack


agility and rc are expensive in the account section 

sure wc fm fishing cooking etc are all cheap but its still like 2-3m each for 50s


and there is alot of stats 23 i think


so i highly doubt you would get someone to make it for under 50m 

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I think later when I have gp to buy, I think the best choice is to find someone with an account that may already have many stats above 50 and pay them to level their stuff accordingly.

ryan/chole on pb has 100+ feedback and sponsor 

hes got a 80 80 80 with 50+ base for sale


might be worth looking into 

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