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Would Like Your Opinion PLZ

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hello, currently new to osbot and new to botting for as it seems to be a whole different ball game then back in 05-09.

well i have attempted to bot and have been banned atleast 5 times from my ip, currently 2 times this week.

now my question is...... there is one account that i have not botted on and its a fairly decent account imo.


I did however bot on it for 50 mins using Czar's fishing script trial. I set it up and 50 mins later come back to find it stuck at catherby walking back and fourth between 3 spaces. the longest this could have gone on for is 30 mins. now with my track record and how many times iv been banned form my ip...... would my account have gotten banned already? it happned about 6 hours ago.  thanks for your opinion.

please don't grill me on how stupid I am lol. I thought it was a good bot and didn't have to babysit it. ty good luck botting.

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