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  1. Sorry that I dont have logs, but I've been trying to use the glory in house while banking, and its working and getting me to the bank, but once there, it tries to find Amulet of glory(POH) as an item, and since it can't find it (because it isnt an item) it thinks its done, and it terminates the script.
  2. Can you explain the difference between the 4 walking methods? I can't find the info anywhere
  3. I turn guthans mode, and then when I get to the armour screen the check boxes are grayed out. Try it with barrows armor in your inventory. Barrows armor that has been used- Because then its "Guthan's Warspear (75) " for example seems to be the issue. Idk if you can tell from the img but the checkboxes are unclickable. EDIT --- It does not work when you are loading the script from a saved file. On a similar note, If your Barrows armor degrades the script crashes. For example I started the script wearing Guthans skit 100. After fighting it became guthans skirt 75. An
  4. I'm having an issue with using Guthans mode. When I go to grab my gear to select the gear I'm wearing It grabs it all and fills in each box, but does not let me check the boxes next to each item. And so i'm not able to use guthans for my tasks.
  5. @Czar You're making a website for this script? Let me know if you need help with it, I'm a web dev
  6. Hey @Czar I found a solution for this. This is happening because when you have only loot my targets on it doesn't think it was your target when it is killed by the rock hammer. My solution was to leave "only loot my targets" checked off and then set the zone in which to fight and only loot within that zone.
  7. drewb4

    Perfect Thiever

    Advice for using this script safely? I.E what to thieve, how often to take breaks? How often do you switch it up
  8. I'm also experiencing it not looting items worth more than x amount. I put each drop in manually, and thats working for now.
  9. since the latest update i've noticed a bug with safe spotting and the new fight zone. settings: Ranged mode: ON Safespot: Enabled with f6 Fightzone: Set with f7 Problem: It holds down the shift key constantly. I can tell because if I turn on "shift to drop" whenever I hover over anything in my inventory the first option is drop, as if I were holding down the shift key. It also keeps attacking monsters that are not within the fight zone i set up
  10. would it be possible to set this up to kill blue drags and bank? If so anyone mind helping explain it? They're down in the taverley dungeon, I can't get it to navigate down to down there.
  11. hey @Czar can you look into the eat for loot option? When I have this enabled, I have food in my inventory and my inventory is full, it doesnt eat to loot, it also doesnt run back to the safe spot.
  12. Keep distance from enemy option seems to be bugged. If I say keep distance 3 tiles, and the metal dragon is just sitting there meleeing me it still doesn' t move away.
  13. Hi, So i've seen a lot of people posting about rock cakes and NMZ. As this is an update that would be awesome for me as well I wanted to talk about it. The point of the rock cake is to get to 1hp. This only needs to be done once before you set up the script to run. Once your hp is at 1, you can keep it there by turning on and off 2x hitpoints restore prayer every <30seconds. There are 2 use cases for wanting 1hp: 1. Player Dharoking wants 1hp to do more damage. 2. Player using absorption potions only wants to lose 1 point of absorption per hit. Eating or Guzzling a
  14. Can I get a trial? this looks awesome.
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