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  1. Hacked by James/Olaf

  2. This video is fake, No way Acerd is that happy he's perm denied CBA
  3. Hello Osbot. Route 66 here. Okay so let's start of by saying 100% of this project will be funded by me. What I require: Builders Community Managers Technical Managers SEO/Advertisement team GFX Website Developers I'm looking to start a minecraft server however, I personally don't play the game much but I do have an account. What I need doing is for the chosen people to get together in a group chat and talk about what is needed and prices and ideas all together and then I will look around, purchase what is needed and invest it all. As I will be investing everything into the launch, server etc the first little while you will be working unpaid until the dontion system get's up and running and we get a community base set up. if you would like to apply, please fill out the following application. Real Life Name: Your Age: Your specialty (Please show evidence or examples of what you can or have achieved): Your expected % of donations you should recieve after the initial months: Skype address:
  4. Route 66


    I thought you was leaving and now you're spamming the whole place up?
  5. Seems a lot of staff members skypes are being hacked. First Eliot now you?
  6. low pst count = more spam in forums
  7. $15 Voucher. Choice between me or toby
  8. $10 Paypal - Osbot.route66
  9. Do they have membership/ axe's bans? origanl owner
  10. Route 66

    Ummm Mk...

    http://gyazo.com/a8836c6464cc21a6ce127f95d26e5735 Banned from chat Wanna know why
  11. I Had the same thing- my rsn name was "a gold farm" - for the lols
  12. chuck norris roundhouse kicked him out of the hole
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