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  1. briareos2285 left Negative feedback   

    Scammed/ Claims hacked - History of Scamming

    Ryzter was The Seller

  2. Doctor left Positive feedback   

    Did Tree Gnome Village for him, trustable.

    Ryzter was The Buyer

  3. Doctor left Positive feedback   

    Did witches house for him, very nice trustable guy <3

    Ryzter was The Buyer

  4. Fisk4rn left Positive feedback   

    Did Firecape for me! Trustworthy and friendly. Not very fast but otherwise good!

    Ryzter was The Seller

  5. badfish left Positive feedback   

    bought fire cape, very fast, very friendly and very reasonable! Thanks!

    Ryzter was The Seller

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