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  1. Understood. Thanks Kramnik. I will try a test tonight with a residential ip and see what we get
  2. Fellow Comrades: I am attempting to activate a membership code on my account through the same proxy it runs on. I have read through multiple forums, but have not reached a clear-cut answer. I have attempted the following methods: Ran Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Maxthon (individually) on Proxifier Connected Proxy through the browser if supported, I.E Maxthon Connected Proxy (No Other Applications Running) to main windows settings All of the above "tests" resulted in the same "error 15" code. Is there a different method I should try? I can log-in and activate code via my phones internet; however, this usually leads to an account lock. Additionally, wouldn't this throw another IP in the mix? Finally, this also applies when attempting to create accounts (via browser) going through the same above methods. My only thought is that a premade, rested account with bonds could avoid this issue; or, privately paying for an application that passes through Jagex's Incapsulas (prefer not the latter). Thanks in Advance! ~~ Murph
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