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  1. Ever since the OSRS update yesterday or today whenever, the script is having issues making gold amulet (u)'s at edgeville. Itll keep clicking and closing the smelting window when youre at the furnace in edgeville. Sometimes it'll start making the amulate (u)'s but then itll click on the furnace again over and over.
  2. Hello guys, Just wanted to ask people what they think about botting fresh accounts vs waiting a week or more before starting to bot.(doing tutorial island manually ofc) I want to know if I got lucky or not with one of my accounts im botting atm and is going 3 weeks strong. I made 2 accounts. One was made one week before the other one. The second acc was made the day i started botting both. The acc that I made that day was banned in 2 days. the acc that was made a week before is still not banned. Wondering if it was because I waited to bot on the new acc or I just got lucky. let me know your guys's experience with this stuff. Thanks!! Side Notes: I never botted both acc's at the same time I used a different vpn location for the 2 accs as to not have them linked together Using mirror mode. idk if that matters lmao
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