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  1. Thanks! Trial over. Script performed very well, dont have anything negative to point out. Will purchase once I need more agility
  2. Pengy1

    Perfect Agility

    Trial over, liked the script. I feel it idles a lot more than needed and it misclicked a couple of times right before finishing the al kharid rooftop. Here are some proggys, and once again thank you.
  3. Pengy1

    Perfect Agility

    Can I get a trial ?
  4. looks really good may ask for a trial in the future
  5. Can I have feedback on how things are going recently? I see throughout the fórum people saying the ban rates are high, especially since Steam release. I was thinking on getting VIP for Mirrors mode and try to Run 4 accounts doing bankstanding skills on a VPN, how solid is this? Thanks in advance for your inputs
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