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  1. Hey Czar. The script perfect fighter works great. only the script is going stuck at Al-kharid warrioirs (Al kharid) ( For my strengt range pure.) When you dont have food more in your inventory and the door is closed it wil sit everytime. i have to open the door remotely every time with my main account if i not home. Green dragons, Crabs and more works perfect for my main. Awesome script
  2. Hey Czar, I was yesterday not online.. is it possible te get trial again for the agility for few hours ?
  3. can i also get trial for perfect agility? I'm happy with purchase perfect fighter. got in 2 days this stats!
  4. Hey CZAR. It is very realistic this script. unfortunately you can only pay with paypal. and unfortunately I don't have paypal. Are there more payment options?
  5. Czar, I choose you! Can i get 24 hour trial for perfect fighter. I wil give a review after the 24 hours trial.
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