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  1. Just wondering do most paid scripts use advanced java knowledge (like anonymous instantiation) or can most of them be acomplished through simple use of the api capabilities?
  2. alright, i think i get the idea thank you everyone!
  3. so it's better to get accounts that are already ready to do high lvl content
  4. Do people that massbot do it by suicidebotting? do they just bot right from tut island, bot all the quests basically 100% botted. Curious to know since people that have 1/2 bots usually take better "care" of the accounts since they do not need that much time to manually setup compared to mass botters who can't be bothered to manually do quests and tut island on like 50 accounts. Wondering what's the process like thanks!
  5. Oh i see what you did there! just to make sure you are basically making a filter for an item, then you create a method with the argument x, and make it return an item thats NOT x and then you pass that to the filter? i currently have no way to test it since i have a main rs account and i dont want to test it on a bot and get my ip flagged. I still need to take care of that later(prob getting a proxy). Anyways, the important thing is that i think i understood how it works. Thanks once again!
  6. what if i dont want to drop everything, and instead just 1 thing at a time? that's my real problem cuz i can't find anything for that
  7. public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { RS2Object stall = getObject().closest("Tea Stall"); if (getInventory().contains("Cup of Tea")) { getInventory().drop("Cup of Tea"); sleep(700); } else if (stall != null && !myPlayer().isAnimating) { stall.interact("Steal-From"); log ("Stall Here!"); sleep(700); } return random(200, 300); } So my inventory can be full and NOT have tea (just full with other items), i was thinking about doing something like if ( getInventory().isFull() AND getInventory().contains("anything other than tea") ) { getInventory().drop("a random item in my inventory") I've been looking on the API but im not sure how to check for "anything other than tea" and how to drop a random item in my inventory.
  8. I actually have 1 more question, getObjects().closest() what is the "." just before "closest" doing? i also didnt find anything on the api so im assuming its a language thing
  9. So here the !myPlayer().isAnimating() part is basically saying if my player is NOT(negating with !) in the middle of an animation?
  10. I recently got into scripting and im having some difficulties searching for stuff i need in the api, i know what i need but i have trouble finding what is the right method to use and how to use it. For example the myPlayer method, there's no way i would know that i need to do !myPlayer instead of myPlayer. Also if i find a method, i dont know what do i have to import in order to use it. Sorry for the noob question but essencially if i know how to search the api, i would script much faster since i have some programming knowledge already. Thanks!
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