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  1. greyh0und

    Stealth Quester

    Hey @Token Thanks for the quick fix with Death Plateau. I was wondering if you have plans to add more quests to Stealth Quester?
  2. greyh0und

    Stealth Quester

    I had an empty glass in my Inv when I checked, pretty sure bot drank the beer lol
  3. greyh0und

    Stealth Quester

    Had the same issue a few days ago, had to finish the quest manually.
  4. Can't get sand crabs to work either!
  5. greyh0und

    Stealth Quester

    Not sure if others have faced this issue but script keeps trying to purchase Barrows Gloves when doing The Ascent Of Arceuus. I have barrows gloves equipped and loaded as worn gear for the quest.
  6. greyh0und

    Perfect Agility

    Botted from 32 to 61 Agility in about 3 days with breaks (2 hours play 1 hour break) for about 12 hours a day (8 hours play). Got a 2 day moderate ban. I believe I was reported by a Jmod. This is a great script but highly suggest to keep your botting time to 2-3 hours max!
  7. greyh0und

    Perfect Agility

    Working well! Great script @Czar Would be great if it did bank runs from the Wilderness Agility Course for food. Oh the hide paint (F2) option doesn't work. Works in all your other scripts!
  8. Can't get the script running. It stops after trying to initialize.
  9. In Edgeville, can you make sure the script goes to the range from the right side? Sometimes the gate is closed and script takes the longer path. Quite bot-like if you ask me.
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