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  1. Hi, may i have a trial please?
  2. Have you possibly tried running osbot in administrator? Maybe thatll do something. What i do is open osbot first then wait to get into mirror mode, open osrs client and hook on the login screen.
  3. im not sure the mirrored mode works with web browser but i may be wrong. If you do end up switching to the desktop client, use jagex osrs client and not runlite as it doesnt work with runelite.
  4. for anyone looking for a reason to buy this here it is, its probably my favorite woodcutting script. Its easy to use and knowing that its very well put to together could potentially keep you from being banned, script wise.
  5. i watched itbefore i even saw this post, good job
  6. Its in the features listing under where it says join the discord. May i also kindly ask for a trial please.
  7. im not sure if anyone noticed, but when you say collects you made a typo.
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