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  1. @apostles and future trial askers, I was informed trials are no longer being granted due to them being abused... However I still highly recommend this tool, it will save you lots in the long run unless you're not interested in building scripts from pre-created scripts. I myself Identify this tool to be extremely fun to learn and inexpensive for the amount of options it provides if you're willing to put in the work in making you're own script. Although as the main post implies, it does come with pre-made scripts for certain things which are very handy. To add: The Discord server and staff are extremely helpful when it comes to creating your own script.
  2. So I was looking around for different scripts for certain things and I have to say this one in particular has taken the cake for the next generation of scripting. This script(er) is VERY well put together and is extremely simple to use. Great work! Keep it up @ProjectPact. P.S.: This is the first script(er) I've ever paid for and am getting every penny worth out of it.
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