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  1. Wtf i feel like an idiot because its exactly is what i did and first it didnt work. But now after you told me it does. Anyways Thank You, i guess. You helped me a lot
  2. @Gunman Bro one last Question : if (getTrade().getTheirOffers().onlyContains("Coins")) { getKeyboard().typeString("You gave me "+getTrade().getTheirOffers().getItem(0).getAmount()); This doesnt work. I tried getItem(0) because its the first item and then i try to get the amount of it but my bot only types: You gave me 0. I know how to check the Item but how do i check the amount of it?
  3. Wow bro. That was simple. I was freaking out because since yesterday i was trying to figure out what im doing wrong. Thank you!!
  4. Hi I ran into a problem. For 2 hours now im trying to fix this error: import org.osbot.rs07.api.Trade; import org.osbot.rs07.api.Trade.TheirOffer; import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Item; import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.Player; import org.osbot.rs07.api.util.ItemContainer; import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script; import org.osbot.rs07.script.ScriptManifest; @ScriptManifest(author = "Hox", info = "Lets go", logo = "", name = "bot", version = 0) public class Dicebot extends Script { public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException { Trade trade = new Trade(); Player trader = getTrade().getLastRequestingPlayer(); // gets the last trade request if (trader != null) { getTrade().getLastRequestingPlayer().interact("Trade with"); // trade with him sleep(10000); // give him a bit time to offer something if (trade.getTheirOffers().isEmpty()) { //??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? getKeyboard().typeString("offer something please"); } else { getKeyboard().typeString("nice"); } } return random(5000,10000); } } I want to check if the player im trading with offered something. For that i do trade.getTheirOffers().isEmpty(). I tried so many different variations but nothing worked. After trying so long im tired. Lets forget about the advantage of this script or why i am doing that. I just want to know how to check if the player im trading with offered something and what he offered. Thank you! to add: i use 2 different accounts to simulate the situtaion
  5. already bought it. I love it. but uhm does it have CLI support?
  6. Hi! i have also bought your OS Miner and its very good. Can i get a trial of this script? Thank you.
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