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  1. Thank you, Sent him a Private message, and hes been my favourite character for a long time, surprised no-one had the name.
  2. Hey, sorry im not sure where to ask or who to ask, but i purchased VIP and Khals Woodcutting script, normally i had my other scripts show up right away, but they're haven't showed up in my owned scripts or my vip titles hasnt showed up yet either. -edit. i have the confirmation numbers for the subscription, who would be the one to message? thanks Chopper
  3. Script name Khal tut island - trial length looking to start a small farm for myself and want to auto mate my account creation. - Reason for trial testing before purchase - Are you ging to give feedback on the script? absoulity, i have the wintertodt and fisher, havent used but about to start.
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