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  1. Crazy how you are able to shutdown the government in GTA V Online
  2. I've had a small brain surgery, do you think they used some sort of brainwashing device and then like in men in black to wipe my memory?
  3. You are one of the dumbest users on this site. Anyway, the US Postal Service Inspector General is one of the agencies closed. Silkroad/similar sites is now %100 safe. Woo.
  4. ATMercher is so fucking detectable.
  5. Second picture you can work out the name if you tried lol. I laugh when the bot fails and types "14" and people say 14? and then I say it's better than 13. I dunno.
  6. dat superscript promotion doe
  7. Woke up to 6 accs banned. lel
  8. Storm


    to the guy that sold me like 100k flax in the past two hours. lel
  9. Storm

    SOTW Week 1! [Voting]

    I think #4 looks the best.
  10. Storm

    BETA v1.7.46

    Oh shit frog random fixed. 10/10
  11. I'd be willing to argue that bigjubbs is the #1 dumbass.
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