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  1. No more spam bud, glad you know who I am though and understand my comment finally :)

    Anyway, don't want you think that Gekke is a lapdog of mine, I have dmed him to leave you alone - Good luck with your trading, i'll tell people not to involve me in your posts

    P.S. I am getting my "other ban" resolved ^_^, any questions don't be afraid to ask mate, as after all its not several forums it's 1 which is Sythe

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    2. Dbuffed


      Indeed man, it is indeed - I don't want people attacking you like Gekke etc so i'll handle that, not sure why the aggressive attitude but none the less welcome to osb :)

    3. Malmo


      All good, i dont mind that 🙂

    4. Dbuffed


      I do though bro, not a good image for people. Had my fair share of trolling and silly arguments, moving past it all and getting into the real thing we're all here for again

      Hats off to you though, stay safe brother

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