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  1. there haven't been a ban wave since thursday because weathe is away, don't get too excited
  2. there are plenty of paranoid people who always use vpn for everything lol, that's simply not true
  3. any chance to add support for craw's bow? this method is really not worth it to farm gold otherwise without craw's bow or sallys tbh
  4. that's a myth and simply not true. if they actually delayed bot bans by up to a week, gp would be like 2 cents/mill. they delay bans up to a day (next ban wave). the only time there would be a delay that long is if it was completely manual (eg. you bot, and then a week later your friend tweets jmods that you are a bot and they look at it) The vast majority of real players don't use the official client..
  5. Script name: blast furnace trial length: 24 hours Reason for trial : wanna try before purchase Are you give to give feedback on the script? of course!
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