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  1. Didn’t know cheers lads
  2. leeccfc1992

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  3. hey guys im after a new account due to being banned. roughly want most stats around 60/70 quests points above 180 . please pm …. thanks in advance
  4. That makes perfect sense! That’s what I done . I may bot stupidly now to try get back where I was lol
  5. That’s really helpful thanks mate. Well I’ve never botted more than 2 hours in one go. It all went wrong when I done macro woodcutting and then me being an idiot and trying agility 2 days later I got greedy that was my issue. Ive not botted for money only skills to do quests which I was 15 quests away from completing . Going to just have to start again.
  6. Yeah I’ve learnt that now haha . Just wish I read up on botting a little earlier. Appreciate the help guys going to get an account and try again. What is low ban rate then? Also what times scales would you recommend?
  7. Thanks mate but looking for something a little more done Well I’ve been botting for around 2 hours a day I done 1 hour and 40 mins wccing. Banned for 2 days . Then today I done agility for 40mins then I was banned.
  8. Hey guys account was banned today for major Botting. I’ve been doing this 2/3 weeks and no issues what so ever and I’ve not changed anything. Anyay to get my account back? If not is anyone able to sell me one? Thanks in advance
  9. hi could I get a trial please? thanks
  10. sorry I should of said lol smither please also interested in the altar too. thanks
  11. may I have a free trial please?
  12. is it possible to trial this please?
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